Who the hell am I? -- part 2

Published ā†’ Tuesday, November 24, 2020 4:41 PM

Part 1


Opensource is the way the world should work: all people working together to make it a better place. Contribute when they can, combine knowledge. You learn so much from what others have done! Iā€™m all for a healthy mix: opensource when needed, closed when its necessary.

I'm good at...

Iā€™m good at problem solving, networking with people, positive thinking, coaching people, doing routine work, expert in Microsoft Office.

Some history

At regular base I change my job because I don't want to get stuck.

Since 2016 I followed one of my fellow workers to a new project: starting the professional bachelor in Network Economy It feels as walk my talk. Everything was new to learn.


As communication-tool I don't have preferences. I have at least 20 projects running and they all use different tools like Slack, WhatsApp, Teams, Messenger, Signal or Telegram.

I was addicted to Microsoft Office.šŸ˜