Student Excellence Programme

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In schools are a lot of services for students that needs extra support for their studies. There is less support to make the better students the best. I like to do an effort here. Can I help to make a programme that can be applied for students to let them excellerate?

Programma 1 - Tarant

  • Student: Mashal Momand is the first studente to start in the Excellence Programme 💪🏼. She likes to develop her digital skills. It's a broad concept, so doing practical work might help here to see what she really wants and likes.
  • Organisation: I met Kathleen Nuelant on a refugee walk, organised by Howest Postgraduaat Migration and Refugees in october 2021. The story about Taranta vzw was the talk that kept us warm during that rainy day.
  • Goal: Mashal want to learn and practice digital skills, Kathleen want to build out the community and work out the website, communication and social media.
  • Startdate: 4 April 2022 - Spring Holidays

Programma 2 - To be defined

  • Student: Iheb Ghabi has ambition als project manager. Agile Scrum is his field of interest. He thinks to study Marketing after his current bachelor degree.
  • Organisation: I exchanged 5 contacts in the neighbourhood of Izegem. I'm looking forward to Iheb his next step.
  • Goal: Find a company to start in a (digital) change project. Now as a extra task outside the education or perhaps there is a fit with competences of modules in the next semester. Then Iheb can exchange a "simulated" school assignment with a real one. We had previous cases for Dries Ongenae, Brendan Hernou, Maxime Degrootte, Siebe Vandevoorde, Emma VanCoillie.

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