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Published → Friday, December 9, 2022 11:53 AM

Howest is one of the two new international partners at Hochschule der Medien HdM in Stuttgart. For me it is the European university with most sustainable connections.

International Week - edition 20 🎂

I'm so happy that Erasmus++ exists. Thanks to the Staff Mobility Training 🙏, I was able to work on my global citizen skills thanks to this programm. campus HdM front (2)

Tuesday 22th of November 2022, travel day

Arrival and welcome

dag 1 arrival and network (3) Together with Gene Vangampelaere I traveled with the train from Kortrijk towards Stuttgart. About 8 hours comfortable traveling time. Arrived at the campus, we immediately found a first International colleague of Ireland, ... I forgot her name. Perhaps Susan 😏? Anyway, she knew Martina Schumacher for many years. For Howest it's the first visit. At the welcomes walking "diner" Frederik Waeyaert and Esli Heyvaert did already find other Belgian universities who are also partner with HdM!

first Network moment

The three-day program was set up as a real expertise platform to share knowledge. dag 1 arrival and networking (12) HdM-Program-overview

Wednesday 23th of November 2022, day 1

Morning session - sharing in Data Analytics

dag2 partner experience exchange about BI (8) In the morning I attend one of the three pilars: Data Analytics. Each attendee had the chance to share knowledge or case or best practice in 10 minutes. dag2 partner experience exchange about BI (4) Dr. Peter Lehmann organised the session: a meet and talk about experience in learning and teaching BA, DS and AI. More than 20 lectures have registered in that session.

Afternoon session - campus visit

They have a lot of International english-taught programs, called minors, 30 ECTS. There are +/- 5000 students at the Hochschule. Howest has +/- 9000 students. I'm impressed of the engagement of almost all teachers. It looks as if more as 80% are involved! dag 2 visit the campus (2)dag 2 visit the campus (28) dag 2 visit the campus (12) dag 2 visit the campus (34) IMG_4595 As a new partner of HdM for 2022, we have something to prove. It starts with paying close attention during the tour. 💪🏼 Main expertise:

  • Gaming lab - not a course but a multidisciplinary place to work together
  • HdM moved from printed media towards packaging
  • They have a sound studio and brand new television study. The investment is not that high as in Rotterdam Media school (3 million Euro's!) and it has not modern, automated stuff.
  • Data is involved in all departements. AI research is embedded. Next month they release their humanoide.

Evening event - diner at Sophie's Brauhaus

Typical German. I love it ♥. I had the chance to talk 3 hours with new contacts of Stuttgart and Kaunas. dag 2 uitstap Sophies Brauhaus (12)

Thursday 24th of November 2022, day 2

Morning program: visit research center for packaging

Visit to an old paper factory that transformed to research sustainable packaging Second occasion to talk with partners during the visit of the factory dag 1 z deel van de groep (2) Research for new basic materials to make packaging dag 3 visit conversie oude papier fabriek (25) Main customer for the new recycling materials, is the investment group where Lidl is one of them. dag 3 visit conversie oude papier fabriek (34)

Afternoon program: International day for the students

Arrival in HdM starts with network moment
dag 3 networking with INT students (13) More than 30 countries were present. dag 3 informing students about Howest Int semesters and summerschool (4) Gene (TI) and Esli (MCT) presented their summerschool and international semester.

Evening program: Christmas market

The first day the Christmas market was open. Contacts of the Hogeschool Amsterdam dag 3 uitstap kerstmarkt (23) Fernandos, the oldest collegue. From Spain. I have to follow him up for the Business Game BI with Peter Lechmann. dag 3 uitstap kerstmarkt (24)

Friday 25th of November 2022, day 3

dag 4 IEEE submit (16) dag 4 IEEE submit (6)

International Entrepreneurship Education Summit

A fantastic idea for our Howest "werkveldcommissies". The profit from this setup is that all stakeholders can learn from each other. dag 4 IEEE submit (22) The keynote speaker was impressive: Dr Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit, Aarhus University Denmark. His gameification concept suits in Network Economy. dag 4 IEEE submit (26)

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