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Published → Wednesday, August 11, 2021 8:31 PM

You can only understand the Chinese culture if you lived and worked there. This is a statement of a Harvard Business IdeaCast that stucked to me. More info on

This is an excerpt from the transcript:

ANA MITTER: You know, as a historian I would say that understanding any country’s history is something that gives you an insight into who that people are today and what they’re going to be. And the final thing I’d suggest is watch some Chinese TV. And in case you’re wondering whether language or access is a problem, if you go on YouTube you can find plenty of Chinese soap operas, dramas, comedies, all of them with perfect English subtitles, you don’t need to speak a word of Chinese.

If you want to start with a war time thriller, I recommend Autumn Cicada. Which is in a staggering 49 episodes. It’s a kind of spy thriller set in the 1940s, it was a big hit in China a couple of years ago. Wanted to make that a starting point to find out a bit more about what Chinese people do when they go home in the evening, after work, you know, put the food in the microwave or wherever it is and settle down for a bit of TV watching. And get into that mindset.

I find it good stories. I can go asleep and muse about it. The only problem is that there are 49 episodes :-D