Who is this Office Mistress?

Published β†’ 6 years ago
1 min read

πŸ€” Hmm...Good question! I'm an engineer with a goal: getting the administration effective.


To free up time to do the nice things in live. 😊

Let's start that again, shall we?

Hi there, πŸ‘‹ I’m Ann Deraedt, a teacher, ex-entrepreneur, volunteer, housewife, gardener, reader, runner, and I love to be outside.

And yes... I do have my very own homelab in Menen -thats in Belgium. 😏

Oh. Yeah. I do speak Dutch as well. In fact it’s my mother tongue.. technically..

I ❀ my husband, my friends, my family, my work, my students, Excel, improving my life, reading, being outdoors and just running.

Sometimes I write useful posts, sometimes very silly, and stuff for friends, family and fools. But most times I work with other people.

.. I’m also a supporter – of Brugge Marine Center!

ESFJ – Work.In.Progress ✌️